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Supply Chain System

Supply Chain System

After years of long-term and stable development, Aibosi have accumulated scarce and leading supply chain resources, which are not only reliable, but also powerful supply chain system.

It's a great honor to say that Aibosi try to become the world's largest shortage resource can't do without the system's support.



Select and identify reliable parts from thousands of suppliers is not easy but Aibosi have accumulated for many years and are constantly updating and improving.

Quality Testing

No matter how reliable the surface of the goods looks, we will conduct a series of tests by ourself, or entrust a professional third-party testing organization for testing, such as: Solderability test, to prevent oxidation and ensure the reliability of soldering; Marking permanency test,to prevent refurbished parts.

X-Ray test will also come if needed,etc.

You can find out the following procedures to test the sold parts.

Test Performed


Additional Charge

External Visual Inspection

Solderability Inspection

HCT-Chemical Wipe Inspection

Program Blank Inspection

Functional / Electrical Performance Inspection

XRF-Lead-Free Analysis

X-Ray Inspection

Anatomical Inspection

Detailed Test Report

Definitions (as defined within AS6081):

Known Authentic Part(Golden Sample)-A part which has either been purchased directly from the manufacturer, their authorized distributors, or authenticated by the manufacturer with supporting documentation.

Unused-Electronic parts that have not been previously used(i.e., attached to a board or powered up since leaving the supply chain). Unused material can contain mixed date codes, lot codes, or countries of origin, and should be received in original factory or third-party packaging. The material may have minor scratches or other physical defects as a result of handling, but the leads should be in good condition and should not be refurbished. The material should be guaranteed to meet the manufacturer's full specifications. Unused Programmable parts should be received without having been previously programmed.

Used(Refurbished or Pulled)-Product that has been electrically charged and subsequently pulled or removed from a socket or other electronic application.Used product may be received in non-standard packaging, and may contain mixed lots, date codes, be from different facilities, etc. Parts may have physical defects such as scratches, slightly been leads, test dots, faded marking, chemical residue or other signs of use, but the lead should be intact.Used product may be sold with a limited warranty, and programmable parts may still contain partial or complete programming which could impact the part's functionality.

Refurbished-Parts that have been renovated to restore them to as like new condition, e.g., leaded parts may have had their leads realigned and re-tinned and subjected to cleaning agents and chemical processing.

Counterfeit Parts-A fraudulent part that has been confirmed to be a copy, imitation, or substitute that has been represented,identified, or marked as genuine, and/or altered by a source without legal right.

Report Explanations:

"Result" is the condition of devices, per the definitions provided by AS6081(above) with the addition of "Remarked", which is any device who's original marking has been replaced.A device could, for example, but Unused but also have been remarked, so the Result would be "Unused/Remarked".

"Risk Factor" is a calculation of the remaining risk of a device being counterfeit or substandard from the result of the processes conducted, and risk associated with not conducting some processes.

Minor observations such as scratches and loose contamination from normal handling, packaging, storage and aging are defined and available upon request.

"FAR" in the process summary means "Further Analysis Recommend" additional tests to verify an observation found in one process, or gaps in the requested test plan, we will identify those areas of risk as "FAR".

Note that definitions are as defined within the AS6081 standard.

Notes and Disclaimers

Notes and Disclaimers

Product analysis results are applicable for the inspected samples only.

Inspection methods are assigned Pass / Fail Criteria based upon JEDEC JES9B manufacturing standard. Military-grade products are inspected to MIL-STD specifications. Observations outside of those tolerances are deemed to make the product unfit for use.

Observations defined by IDEA-STD-1010B, AS6081, AS6171 and Aibosi expertise and used for comparison purposes to the devices analyzed for this report. "Known-good samples" or "Golden samples" are provided to compare to unverified products."

Quality Guarantee

When a Customer orders products from Aibosi, Aibosi issues 1 year warranty to Buyer that the products shall perform in the manner described in manufacturer's datasheet as of the date of manufacture. This guarantee is limited to the replacement of the electronic component(s) or refund of the purchase price, subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. The Purchaser must notify Aibosi within 14 days of the alleged failure of the electronic components covered by this Guarantee with:

a. written notification that Purchaser is invoking its rights under the guarantee;

b. the electronic component(s) that the Purchaser claims have failed;

c. a detailed written failure analysis report.

After checking,Aibosi's representative will arrange a Return Material Authorization to Start the return procedure.

2. Counterfeit Product Prevention Clause

Only products originally shipped from Aibosi or from a supplier at Aibosi's direction (drop-ship) will be returned to Aibosi. All others will be promptly quarantined and disposed of or returned to the Customer. By a Customer returning products to Aibosi, the Customer certifies that the products were purchased from Aibosi and there has been no substitution in whole or part of same product from another supplier, distributor or other such source of the product. The return should be in the original packaging (manufacturer or Aibosi), in unused and untested condition (except defective). ESD, programmable semiconductors, or moisture sensitive products should not be opened.

3. This Guarantee does not apply to, and expressly excludes, the failure of any electronic component caused by the Purchaser's negligence, misuse (including misuse relating to the handling, storage, transportation, or installation of the electronic component), or use that is inconsistent with the manufacturer's recommended use of the electronic component.

4. This Guarantee shall not apply if an independent third party testing laboratory, designated by Aibosi, determines that the products perform in the manner described in the manufacturer's datasheet as of the date of manufacture. The cost of testing shall be paid by Buyer. The conclusion of such independent third party shall be conclusive in determining the parties' rights under this Guarantee.

5. The validity, enforcement, construction, and interpretation of this Guarantee are governed by the contract laws of HongKong, excluding the laws of those jurisdictions pertaining to resolution of conflicts with laws of other jurisdictions.

6. This Guarantee is void where prohibited by contract law of HongKong.

7. Aibosi is not liable under this Guarantee for any damages or losses of any kind, whatsoever, including but not limited to consequential, punitive, or exemplary damages, whether arising under statute, common law, or equity. Nor is Aibosi liable for any damages or losses related to or harm caused to products, loss of use, loss of data, downtime, procurement of substitute goods, loss of revenue, loss of profits, or loss of goodwill.

8. These terms and conditions supplement, and do not supersede, the terms and conditions set forth on the invoice describing the electronic component being returned by the Purchaser under this Guarantee. In the event of any conflict between these terms and conditions and the terms and conditions on the invoice describing the electronic component being returned by the Purchaser under this Guarantee, these terms and conditions shall control.

Quality Guarantee

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