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It is the mission of our team to help customers purchase electronic components more easily

Company Profile

AIBOSI Electronics, a famous and competitive electronics distributor in Asia, also is an excellent strategic partner for EMS\OEM to quickly find authentic & traceable electronic components for purchasing. Aibosi’s goal is consistently "zero defect" of shipped products. Aibosi’s sustained success is the result of constant efforts for product quality and reliability as well as management and business processes.Since launching in 2011, Aibosi has been one of the world's largest marketplace for electronic components. Our inventory listings are published directly by electronic component manufacturers and franchised distributors. In total, A spans over 2 million SKUs worth over $11 billion. Through its online marketplace, A organizes and sells electronic components from over 800 leading electronic component manufacturers and franchised distributors worldwide. These suppliers publish their unsold inventories to Aibosi and keep them continually updated, as often as every 10 minutes.Aibosi is the global marketplace for authentic & warrantied electronic components.

We have established a strong relationship with the manufacturers and world-famous agents that we are focusing on selling various types of discrete semiconductor devices, such as (Diodes, transistors, IBGT modules, FET) and integrated circuit (IC, memory chips) Passive (tantalum capacitors, resistors) LED and electromechanical components (connectors, switching devices). Nearly one million stocks and real pictures and as many as one million kinds of product specifications to download, supporting customers to order samples, providing great convenience for all types of manufacturers, research institutions, universities, engineers, electronics enthusiasts.

Aibosi accumulated over the years in exchange for a strong customers base and extensive industry customer resources, the company will not disappoint the trust of our customers, to establish a global strategic partnership with our customers, and strive to become the world's leading electronic component suppliers providers.


Competitive Advantages

Since the company was founded, AIBOSI consistently upholds the concepts of customer first, quality first and reputation first, maximizing customer’s needs and optimizing customer’s efforts. With this, AIBOSI gets approval of market and customers soon. As the hard work of our team for years, we established a long and close cooperative relation with well-known manufacturers and distributors of electronic components around the world. We offer various electronic components for competitive price and high quality in global market. We have an effective and stable supply chain, a large number of inventory and stock and a mature and efficient logistic network. We keeps our fast pace of development and focuses on economizing our customer's time and funds.

Our Task

We are committed to saving you time and money, while also helping to meet all your electronic component procurement needs.

In order to become a trusted global supplier. We always provide high-quality components and the best service.

AIBOSI Electronic strives to meet all of your electronic component procurement needs. We know that quality is very important to our customers.

Therefore, each order will receive a 360 day warranty to ensure that the products you receive are used with confidence.

Our goal is to exceed customer expectations through our commitment. We understand that reliability is the key to customer satisfaction.

We understand that customers need not only suppliers, but also reliable partners in the material chain.

We go from unfamiliar to familiar, from familiar to understanding, trust, understanding, tolerance...,What we do is not only business, but friends.

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