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Solve the backlog of electronic components inventory for global enterprises

Excess stock Solutions

Aibosi Electronics has the capability to offer different types of excess solutions. In close contact with the customer we find an optimal solution after analyzing the lot in question. By doing this, Aibosi Electronics will help our customers free not only capital but also warehouse space.

Through our networks we have access to large demands of components of different varieties. We are therefore very interested in purchasing parts that you no longer have a need for.

Virtual consignment

Aibosi Electronics can also offer a solution called Virtual consignment. This consists of listing your excess through our various outlets while the physical inventory remains in your warehouse. We will then use our worldwide database to broadcast your excess inventory to get you the highest return possible. Once an offer is accepted you will ship and bill us directly. We will handle the rest. The possibilities are endless. Please contact us today for more details.


The excess inventory consignment program is a great idea for companies that are looking to sell excess electronics inventory plus earn a higher return on the dollar. Many companies offer the excess consignment program, but only Aibosi Electronics can provide a excess inventory consignment service that guarantees a 100% accurate audit trail.

This form of partnership keeps the ownership of the parts with the customer until the part is sold. However, the parts are physically stored at Aibosi Electronics which not only frees up space at our customers’ warehouse, but also makes a sale of the components much more likely.

The above alternatives are the most common solutions in excess management, but we can also solve your excess needs with a combination of the above. Our main priority is finding a tailored solution which suits your needs through analysis of the excess components you present to us.

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